September 2, 2019

Boeing 747-400F Return Buy-Out

This is an old bird. She was born in 1994 and her ownership changed hand. Our team completed the documentation and physical review of the aiplane, prior to the buy-out of her end-of-lease maintenance check. It was a tough process, but we are patient. And, it is always a pleasure to work with the ...
May 10, 2019

Boeing 737-800 Transition is Completed

An ex-Fly Dubai 737-800 is delivered to its new operator successfully. A considerable amount of modifications are removed and new ones are installed. All the documentation is prepared to be delivered in the correct order with an easy-to-understand manner. A good documentation will always assist to both the lessor and the new operator. We are very happy ...
December 20, 2018

Boeing 747-8 Pre-purchase Inspection

We performed a pre-purchase inspection of a Boeing 747-8 for its next owner. The focus of a pre-purchase inspection is to gather factual information on the airplane's current condition. The deal is closed shortly after our job is completed. We are at service for our clients as usual and happy to get to know this new ...
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