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Experienced engineering professionals on airliners and their complex systems, having airline background, we fully understand your expectations and concerns. We are individual consultants working together as a team to complete projects. Our effective team communication eliminates much of the stress and obsticles. We distinguish the differences of each transaction and take the necessary actions as required.

We continuously train ourself (both technical and personal aspects) to stay up-to-date in our affairs.

A team in harmony, with rich communication can achieve any goal!

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3rd Year of the Service!

Thank you for trusting us to be your source for worldwide quality consultancy. We appreciate your business, and for choosing our team to support your projects past 3 years. We look forward to sharing your further success. All the ...

Projects & Clients
Boeing 747-400F Return Buy-Out

This is an old bird. She was born in 1994 and her ownership changed hand. Our team completed the documentation and physical review of the aiplane, prior to the buy-out of her end-of-lease maintenance check. It was a tough process, but we are patient. And, ...

Maintenance Cost in Our Ticket

What are the items that make up the price of the plane ticket we buy? There are a lot of components, no doubt. We can collect roughly under the following headings: - Base fare - Taxes and airport fees - Fuel - Service fee (agency commission) - Food - ...